Fine automation, analysis, collection and transformation for your data and your servers.

About us

Hedron is a small studio for collecting, managing and monitoring your data, services and servers. We offer application development, managed hosting and automation from the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sarajevo.

Tech we enjoy working with

Some of our favorite tools includes:

Clojure Scheme Java Ansible Elastic Search

What we do

Hosting services

Managed hosting on private or custom servers. If you are into containers buzz, we can offer a distributed Ansible based solution.

Monitoring local or remote resources

We can monitor your servers, applications or resources with our Riemann, OpenTSDB, or ELK stack and alert you when something happens.

Software crafting

From low-level development in C and C++, up to high-level abstractions with Clojure, Java and Scheme.

ETL, data analysis and prediction

Scalable scraping and data transformation with entity extraction and text analysis via NLP. Throw into that mix statistical model development and you will get some really tasty products.


Some of our customers and clients

Contact us

You have a proposal for work, an idea, or simply you would like to say Hi, we will be happy to get in touch with you. Please leave your message using email or twitter links below and we will get back to you.